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How to relax – free download!

Passive Relaxation Script [click here to apply for a free recording by Kate]  This free passive relaxation script was written to induce a state of total mind-body relaxation. It’s a perfect prelude to a guided meditation and takes about 7-9 minutes to read aloud. Read it calmly and slowly and you’ll find that anyone within… Read More »

Smoking Cessation

Why is giving up smoking so hard to do?  Nicotine is an addictive substance, smoking is physically and psychologically addictive.  Many believe that the psychological addiction is more powerful than the physical effect of nicotine.  A craving for a cigarette – can been likened to that feeling you get as a child when you are anticipating… Read More »

Are you feeling depressed? A few tools for you…

Some internet sites claim to help you manage your depression. These tools aren’t a substitute for medication, psychotherapy or counselling, and if you have been feeling more than just a “little down” for days or weeks and just can’t shake it off, then please visit your GP. Through what we now know about the aetiology… Read More »

How to Stop and Control Obsessive Thoughts?

How to Stop and Control Obsessive Thoughts? (website accessed 31.1.11, written by Tim on 23.7.10)  (you can download a .pdf version to print out here) If you have reached a point in your life where you want to be rid of the continuous torture of the “thought generating” mind then it’s your good fortune. Obsessive or… Read More »

Are you in an abusive relationship?

Are you in an abusive relationship? Do you suspect that, secretly, your man simply hates women? Firstly if you are in fear of your marriage then please seek professional help. Talk to your doctor or social services, phone the Samaritans if you need help urgently. If you need to get yourself safe, please do what… Read More »

Areas of Experience

Areas of experience include: • Relationships • Developmental issues • Divorce • Depression • Alcohol issues • Abuse • Anxiety • Addictions • Bereavement • Self Harm • Self esteem issues • Suicidal thoughts Although this list is not exhaustive. Please ask if you require more information.