I am a fully qualified, professional, integrative therapist.   For the full list of my qualifications to date, please check out the menu links under my welcome page.

  • Therapy is not a one-size fits all and therefore I believe in a fully tailor-made programme of sessions to support you.  I work hard for all my clients, and will make recommendations for further reading if appropriate, and research outside of our sessions to ensure the best possible support I can offer.
  • The therapy I offer has sound rationale, and by engaging your imagination and a vision as to how you want your life to be, we can work together to achieve this.
  • The therapy I offer is complementary so I would ask that you consult your relevant health practitioner before starting therapy.
  • I have limited space available each week for individual sessions to ensure I am able to give the right amount of time and support as is needed with every client.
  • The therapy I offer is evidence-based and there is sound rationale for how I work. If we are working with hypnosis this a skill that is easily learned so you too will be able to do it.
  • There may be times when what I have to offer is not appropriate for you.  In this case I may refer you on to other professionals that may be better suited.
  • I will assist you with techniques and tools so you can practice and reinforce what we discuss in and out of sessions.  I will equip you with life-long skills.
  • My aim is to provide long term solutions. I see fewer clients in order to devote my time and attention fully therefore my professional support is not limited to the hourly session. Although you may find a therapist for a lower fee only you can decide what you feel is best value for money.
  • Hypnotherapy and any therapy in fact can show you just how powerful you can be!  With my unique, tailored, solution-focused and professional approach, I will support you in the changes you wish to make
  • There is evidence to suggest that an effective working relationship between therapist and client is paramount for success.  Please get in touch by clicking here to find out more about how I can help and whether we are a good fit.